Madam Waste

Our Services

Our Services

We have a keen interest in implementing urban biogas and the circular economy. Our work focuses on renewable energy advisory and business development mandates ~ for the purpose of lifting stones today, with aspirations to develop decentralised and scalable projects ~ to move mountains tomorrow

We adopt a consumer-centric and tailored approach for each project. Services offered span across urban planning, organic waste management and decentralised clean energy. These include:

Strategic Consulting
  • Urban Energy Planning (Biogas)

  • Organic Waste Value-Chain Optimisation

  • Feasibility and Viability Studies

  • Feedstock Assessments

  • Digestate Handling and Valorisation

  • Sustainability Planning and Circular Economy

  • Stakeholder Engagements

Design Thinking Workshops
  • Participatory Planning and Circular Economy

  • Integrated Approaches for Integrated Decision-making

  • Urban Waste Management meets Urban Planning

Green Events
  • Organic Waste Separation and Collection

Technology Design
  • Design and Implementation of Urban Biogas Systems

  • Pre-project Planning for Peri-urban Areas and Agri-estates